Electromagnetic emissions of wireless computer and accessories

In this page we want to summarize our observations about many wireless computer accessories in terms of electromagnetic emissions. We don't name the brands of the products but anyone can understand what products we are talking about. Everybody says that these products have a nice look, and many people say that such computers are also less prone to software problems because their software is managed by the same company that makes the hardware, etc... Besides this qualities, these computers, and especially their peripherals and accessories, are particulary unrespectful of the health of the users for what concerns electromagnetic radiation.

Wireless keyboard

The typical keyboard for these computers is a small and thin one, very flat, and it works by wireless connection. We start to feel pain inside our hands as soon as we bring our hands on the keyboard to type something. There is an intense electric field over this keyboard, and it is not a static electric field, which is harmless, but an electric field radiation, with its power spread over a very large frequency spectrum.

Wireless computer mouse

These computer mice communicate with the computer with electromagnetic radiation. They are also like touchpads, and so there is even more radiation on their surface. In fact their surface is completely closed and opaque, so there must be an emitter of high frequency electromagnetic radiation inside that creates a beam directed upwards. This beam of radiation is partially reflected by your fingers so the EM sensors placed in the mouse detect the reflected radiation and can determine the position of your fingers. This means that not only you have the EMF of the wireless connection but also that of the touch sensor, and this for all the time you hold the hand on the mouse, which in a typical computer work lasts for many minutes, even hours.

Wireless touchpads

These devices have a very futuristic look, but when we put a finger on them we feel a strange little pain, and after some minutes the pain diffuses to the hand. These devices not only have an EMF emitter for the wireless communication with the computer, but they probably have also high frequency electric field on their surface used as a way to detect the position of the user's finger.

Tablet computers

These portable computers may look excellent products, but in practice, for the user they are a problem. First there is the heat. These devices heat up and become warm, which is not good at the touch. But if it was only the heat it could still be bearable. The major problem is their high frequency electromagnetic field, which is created by the touch-screen, and also by the internal electronics. In fact, when we put our fingers on a tablet's touchscreen, our finger is just a few millimeters away from the electronic boards that are below the screen. Touchscreens also have electromagnetic radiation over them, depending on their technology. While a touchscreen may be good for selecting and buying train tickets at the station, they are not good if you have to use them for many hours for reading, typing or other information activities.


Our opinion is that all these computer devices are almost completely unusable. We really wonder how such products could have been released to the market, and how is it possible that no one at the manufacturers laboratories noticed these electromagnetic effects. We can not avoid to link the hidden electromagnetic hazard of these devices to the allegedly "evil" character of the famous founders and current leaders of the industries that make these products.

Of course the industry managers exploit the exterior apperance of the product, which is the first thing that people notice, while the electromagnetic effects are noticed only by people who works a lot with computers.

We hope that our comments will be a stimulus for these industry managers to try to improve their products in terms of electromagnetic emission reduction, not just in terms of design and appearance.

Anyway, it is very difficult to avoid such electromagnetic radiation with today's electronic technologies, so we surely won't see better products for a long time, maybe next century.


The pictures have been taken from the Web, we haven't bought any of these products, we have tried them at public shops or at the offices of our friends and clients, and we are not going to buy any of these products since they are uncomfortable and harmful because of their electromagnetic radiation.

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