Low EMF network design service

In this service we design a small to medium size local area network using the best products for having the least electromagnetic fields and radiation in the office or house.

We examine the needs of the client, consider the constraints of the place, provide solutions for the possible problems, and make a schematic drawing of the network.

We design also the rack or shelf needed to host all the devices of the center of the network.

We prepare the list of components needed and calculate the length of the cables.

We provide detailed setup guide and user guide.

We can do this service remotely by receiving drawings, schemes, photos and text from the client.

For the privacy we recommend to send the files only through our website which has HTTPS and other systems to protect the files.

The price of this service depends on the size of the network.

For more information contact us by email at mail@lowemfoffice.com or using the contact form.

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