Solution with optical USB cables

The optical USB cable has some advantages for the reduction of the electromagnetic fields and radiation in the office.

The main advantage is that it separates electrically the mouse and the keyboard from the computer. Mouse and keyboard have much less electromagnetic emissions if they are connected to the computer by means of an optical USB cable.

The other advantage of the optical USB cable is that the cable is completely EMF free, it has zero electromagnetic emissions. Instead, USB cables made of copper conductors have some high-frequency radiation, whatever the level of shielding they have.

The terminals of the optical USB cable do have some electromagnetic emissions, so we recommend to put the ends of the cable in a shielding box carefully worked. The optical cable cannot be detached from the terminal so the cable must pass through a notch on the border of the box.

The desk side of the optical USB cable needs also a 5V DC source, and the common power adapters that are plugged into a mains socket for this produce quite a lot of EMF, the only way to use the optical USB cable is the linear power supply.

In our solution the 5V DC for the optical USB cable is provided by another circuit of the linear power supply of the modified monitor, so there is only one box near the table, which contains one toroidal transformer with multiple outputs.

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